A Moscow-born ceramic artist based in Berlin
Hello there!
My name is Prokhor, but friends calls me Prosha or Pro.

I have been working with clay for the most part of my life, starting in 2003 at the family workshop in Moscow. In 2022 I have moved to Berlin, Germany, where I continue my research at Ceramic Kingdom studio in Neukolln.

I am open for commissions.

My personal group course in hand-building starts in Jan/Feb 2023, but you can always book a private hand-building/wheel-throwing class.
Ceramic Classes in Berlin
I have been making pottery from 2003 and began teaching ceramics in 2012. All of my years of expertise will help to guide you through all the techniques available at Ceramic Kingdom, where I have an honour to reside as a Teacher and a Mentor since September 2023

I offer private (1-on-1) and mini-group classes.

This initial group class is dedicated to handbuilding (slab, coil, pinching, sculpting) - it all depends on what you want to create. There is no limits for ideas, except the size - no more than 20-25 cm by larger measurement. Usually students can create between 1 to 4 pieces. On the first class we build, on the second we finish the pieces in leather-hard condition and then in a week we gather to glaze the pieces which have passed the bisque firing (at 900 C). After that they go through another firing (at 1220 C) - you can pick them up approximately in a week. Each of the class lasts 2 hours, 3 classes (6 hours) total. Materials, instruments and firings are included.

Group size - 3-5 people. Please note that it takes time to fill the group and figure out the timeslot available at the Studio. Usually it takes 3-4 weeks from the booking to the beginning of the class. If you want to start earlier please apply for a private class.

As for the wheel-throwing beginner group class, you can apply directly via CK to beginner classes - look for the classes taught in English only and you could also mention you want to be taught by me in the comments.

At the hand-building classes, the first 2 hours are dedicated to forming, where I show and explain different kinds of hand-building techniques or, if you have any previous experience, we check what you want to create and get down to work. On the second class you will be able to finish your pieces. We meet the third time to glaze your works. All materials and firings are included.

Mini-group hand-building course:
1 person - 250€ 225€ per person
2 people - 220€ 198€ per person
3 people - 200€ 180€ per person

The pottery classes last for 8 hours in total - 2 two-hour sessions for wheel-throwing, 1 two-hour session for trimming and 1 class for glazing) per person including materials and firings. Even though we go deeper into the technical aspects, you can apply without any previous working experience with clay. All materials and firings are included.

Mini-group pottery course:
1 person - 300€ 270€ per person
2 people - 280€ 252€ per person
3 people - 250€ 225€ per person

Any private class starts in 1-2 weeks from the booking date.

All classes can be held in English and Russian (or Japanese).

P.S. You can also apply for a custom class - you may vary the hours and contents (i.e. ranging from a short single 3-hour HB class to going through hand-building, pottery and slip-casting)
You can sign up for class below. As soon as the group is filled we choose the date and start creating!
Shit happens, so please take a note of the cancellation policy of the studio
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